What is Biblical Counseling?


   The term biblical counseling can carry many meanings in today’s context.  Today I would like to try to provide a better overview of what we at Road to Emmaus understand biblical counseling to be.  Rather than reinvent the wheel, I am drawing upon some excellent work by Dr. Robert Jones to help us define it.  He says, “First, biblical counseling is counseling.  It helps specific individuals, couples, or families in their specific situations to know Christ better and handle life in God-pleasing ways.  It is conversational – interactive and person-specific in ways that go beyond public preaching or teaching.  In this sense, it is simply personal ministry…we might also simply call it discipleship, or intensive, remedial, or problem-oriented discipleship.”

   He goes on to say, “Second, biblical counseling is biblical.  Its truth source is God’s inerrant, inspired Word, and its focus is on that Bible’s main thrust, namely Jesus Christ and his life-changing, redeeming work for us and in us.  In that sense, biblical counseling is Christ-centered or Christ-driven.  In true biblical counseling the Bible is more than a grid, filter, control, or standard (all passive images); the Bible actively drives both theory and practice.  The concepts and methodology are not merely consistent with, controlled by, or ‘prooftexted’ from the Bible; they emerge from the Bible itself as one interprets it accurately.”

Kerry Francetich, Counseling, Care, and Children's Pastor

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