Christian Education

The Foundation for Everything

Without a clear understanding of Genesis, there is much in the rest of Scripture that does not make sense. Where did sin come from? Why does there need to be a Messiah? Why was Israel so important? How does it help explain what is happening in Israel today? These and many other questions are answered in Genesis. We will be delving into chapters 1 through 17 to gain more insight into what the rest of Scripture has to say. Come join the adventure. 

9:00am | Fellowship Hall
Larry Snyder/Jerry Propst | Bible Teacher

The Christian Mind Engaging Culture

Many lament the state of our culture and debate whether it openly manifests anti-Christian bias. It is common, inside, and outside of the church, to perceive the influence of the Church and even the Gospel in our society is not a positive one. What we know from God’s Word is that none of this is new or “unprecedented”, and it is no surprise to God. If God’s character has not changed, and the Gospel is still true, the Bible has answers for our modern world, and we have a God-given role to play in it. We will explore the importance of a biblical worldview and the Bible’s perspective on the issues of our day with the goal of learning how to have transformational Gospel conversations rather than just making arguments.

Topics for interaction and discussion will include the importance and attributes of a biblical worldview, moral and legal authority, the roles of the church, family and civil government, why Christianity is vital for society and human flourishing, justice, marriage/sexuality, critical race theory, DEI (Diversity, Equity & Inclusion), education, abortion and more. We will also have an opportunity for discussing issues on the November general election ballot. Adults and teens welcome.

10:45am | Fellowship Hall
Led by Herb Grey