Training Opportunities


Road to Emmaus is an ACBC certified training center.  We desire to raise up counselors in the Pacific Northwest who will faithfully minister God’s Word in their churches and communities as they counsel.  Our certification means ACBC will accept our 30 hours of instruction in the Fundamentals in Biblical Counseling Course as satisfactory towards meeting their minimum education requirement when you desire certification with ACBC. Six instructors who are experienced counselors with over 100 years of combined counseling or pastoral experience present our teaching.  We offer our beginning training in counseling every spring.  In 2023 we have tentatively set the dates for March 10-11, April 14-15, and May 5-6.

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On April 9, 2022 we welcomed Dr. Ernie Baker to our center to conduct advanced training in biblical counseling. Dr. Baker taught 4 sessions.  He helped us address transgender issues in counseling.  The 4 sessions were: Understanding Transgenderism; Biblical View of Self - (Pt. 1) Made in the Image of God; Biblical View of Self -(Pt. 2) What is Our Identity in Christ?; and Counseling Approaches.  If you are interested in getting recordings of these sessions for a nominal fee, please contact Pastor Kerry at the email link below.


We offer ACBC Test Prep tutoring to prepare you for completing the test required if you want to be certified with ACBC.  Contact Pastor Kerry to set up your tutoring plans.
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'The Bible teaches that counseling is part of the normal process or one-anothering or discipling that all Christians are called to as we live life together and experience the pain and the bearing of one another’s burdens. '

'At Road To Emmaus, we counsel people using God’s all-sufficient Word, and we host training to equip people to come alongside others with the hope found in God’s Book.'

'Biblical Counseling is what happens when you use God’s Word to have a conversation with and show care to people who are hurting and in need of God’s wisdom and guidance.'